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Welcome to Antimicrobial Defense

Providing safe, easy to use products with continued defense after application against harmful microbes such as viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and fungi


What is an antimicrobial?

Antimicrobial products kill or slow the spread of microorganisms. Microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and fungi such as mold and mildew. Antimicrobial products may be used in your home, workplace, or school.


There is a distinct difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial. Antimicrobial technology is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes: this includes bacteria, mold, fungi and even viruses. Antibacterial technology, on the other hand, is only effective against bacteria.

Unlike traditional disinfectants, which provide a limited residual activity, our integrated antimicrobial technology works to continuously reduce the number of microbes on a treated area throughout its expected lifecycle.


Disinfectant & Antimicrobial Agent


DEFENDER is the world's first patented water-based, durable, non-toxic, non-flammable, non-leaching & non-migrating (after it is bound), odorless, colorless disinfectant and antimicrobial agent.

DEFENDER can be used to clean and disinfect:

  • hospitals

  • hotels & motels

  • private & public spaces

  • schools & daycare centers

  • poultry, agriculture and industrial facilities including food and animal processing plants

Surfaces treated with DEFENDER reduce 99.9% of the microbes that come into contact.


Why DEFENDER is not just a traditional disinfectant

Traditional disinfectants only work while they're wet. Once dry, your surface becomes a breeding ground for new microbes.

DEFENDER not only cleans & disinfects but CONTINUES TO PROTECT your treated surfaces with our patented antimicrobial formula.

DEFENDER is the only patented disinfectant and antimicrobial solution on the market today. Simply spray the solution onto the desired surface to initially disinfect it, then allow the solution to dry and enjoy continuous protection!

The bonding process of our antimicrobial protection to the surface through our patented formula creates a lasting barrier ready to kill any microbes that come into contact with it. Once applied, there is a lasting residual effect until removed by harsh abrasion.

Continue reading below to learn more about how our Antimicrobial solution works.

Science Lab

The Science behind


How does DEFENDER Antimicrobial Protection Work?

The basic technology of our antimicrobial formula relies on the complex molecular chain of:


3-trimethoxysilyl propyl dimethyl octadecyl ammonium chloride


The Silane base acts as an anchor, securing the antimicrobial to almost any hard surface or substrate.

The second part of the molecule is the centrally located, positively charged Nitrogen which keeps the antimicrobial in a vertical position and also plays a key role in attracting and destroying microbes. Cell membranes of microbes are negatively charged. When microbes approach our antimicrobial compound, they are drawn in towards the active surface and killed.

microbe (noun) mi·crobe | \ 'mī-,krōb

: microorganism, germ

examples: viruses, bacteria, mold, protozoa, fungus, algae

The third segment of our compound is the long octadecyl chain which acts like a sword that pierces the cell membrane of all microbes that come into contact with it.


These three parts of our patented antimicrobial technology combine to give it its unique and effective protection. As microbes come into contact with a treated surface, they are first punctured by the antimicrobial 'sword', or long molecular chain. The magnetic attraction between the positively charged Nitrogen and the negatively charged cell membrane draws the microbes even further down onto the 'sword'. 

This alone can end the life of the microbe but, upon contact between the positive and negative charges, the cell membrane is electrocuted and destroyed delivering a consistent and dependable kill.


Since this process transfers nothing from the cycloid antimicrobial to the cell and suffers no alterations to its makeup, the strongly bonded blanket of antimicrobial 'swords' stand ready for the next wave and can continue to work at full strength indefinitely.

DEFENDER Downloads

DEFENDER Downloads
Women Holding Hands

Continuous Protection Hand Sanitizer


Hand Shield Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer provides a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier on skin eliminating 99.9% of germs.

The skin friendly formula nourishes and soften hands with soothing skin-conditioning oils.

Our user-friendly container is approximately the size of an early-generation smart phone and fits easily into your pocket! It is also refillable, saving you money and reducing environmental waste.

Water-Based, Alcohol-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free

The Science Behind


How does HandShield Continuous Protection Work?

Traditionally, hands sanitizer formulations have contained ethanol or other short-chained alcohols (60% - 70%) as the active ingredient responsible for antibacterial action. Ethanol provides its antimicrobial action through desiccation (drying out of a cell) of the target microbes. 


When applied to the skin, these methods are effective at reducing many types of microbes on the skin. However, alcohols are volatile and evaporate from the skin, resulting in constant re-application and extremely limited residual antibacterial activity.

Our Hand Shield formula, which uses the active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK), acts by disrupting the cell membranes of microbes and is active at low concentrations (unlike alcohol).

Since BZK is not volatile and our formula is water-based rather than alcohol-based, it remains on the skin as the product dries, providing continuous protection for up to 8 hours after a single application.

Hand Shield is non-flammable and non-poisonous, making it effective and safe for the entire family!

HandShield's active ingredient, BZK, kills 99.9% of illness-causing germs on contact. Below are the most prevalent bacterial pathogens tested.


Despite the CDC's uncommitted acknowledgement of the effectiveness of Benzalkonium Chloride and other Quaternary Compounds against Human Coronavirus Strains (including Sars-Cov-2), there are countless scientific studies illustrating the effectiveness and benefits versus traditional alcohol-based sanitizers.

As always, we encourage people to properly educate themselves in order to make informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones regarding their health and safety.

Hand Shield Downloads

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